Yara Resource Centre

At YARA, we are aware that the internet is a vast well of information and can be quite scary for budding researchers, so, we are committed to making the research experience of young Africans with limited internet access a lot more manageable.

This resource centre is meant to help researchers access information on a wide range of topics from one source. The resource provides access to a database of substantial information that is important to the socio-economic development of Africa and the world.

The YARA Resource Centre consists of the following sections:

The Repository: Here, users will have an open access mini-library, where they can download academic papers written by young African students from institutions across the continent. Students who wish to submit their papers for publication in the repository can email their submissions to editor@yararena.org.

Open Educational Resources: Here, users will be able to find lecture outlines, notes, presentations and other materials to assist teachers and students of courses in the humanities. University teachers can showcase their course materials on this page by emailing these materials to oer@yararena.org.

Useful Websites: Here, users will find links to websites where they can find materials that will help with their research. We will provide descriptions and ratings of the websites and inform users of the kind of materials they can find on the listed sites. Only sites with open access materials will be featured here.

For further research assistance, you may contact us at research@yararena.org.