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The Young African Research Arena is a forum for young Africans to express their ideas and develop their research and writing skills to be able to do this more effectively. YARA is a pool of young African researchers who are committed to making valuable information and ideas about Africa available, in order to contribute to the development of the continent through its most valuable resource - the youth.

At YARA, we believe in the power of ideas. We firmly hold that the views of young Africans must be heard. Hence, we are engaged in the task of building up not tomorrow's leaders - but rather today's leaders who are out to make a positive change in their respective communities and the world.

YARA is investing in an emerging and authentic crop of African youths who will transform the world for the better, by questioning assumptions, challenging stereotypes and encouraging the cross-fertilization of ideas through thinking, writing and doing.

Vision Statement

  • To encourage young Africans to explore and develop their academic/intellectual potential.
  • To provide a platform for young Africans to express their hitherto neglected views on critical issues that affect society.
  • To build a new crop of critical, objective and well-rounded young African leaders.

Mission Statement

  • Encourage young Africans to engage in and contribute to legal and policy debates by producing standard academic work.
  • Review global issues and developments, particularly those that affect affairs in Africa.
  • Provide access to the ideas and contributions of young African students.
  • Create easy access to academic and other research materials, while also providing research aids to online researchers and academics.
  • Produce a world-class e-journal with strictly student content.


Yara Blog

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  • Mar 15   We Are Back

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